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CCV Hall of Fame: Faith Leader of the Year Award Ricipients

The CCV Faith Leader of the Year Award is presented to the faith leader who most embodies the spirit of selflessness, courage and purity that creates inspiration for us all.

2005 Recipients

'05 CCV of Indiana Faith Leader of the Year - Rev. Michael PattonReverend Michael Patton is well known for his sacrificial devotion to community service as Pastor of Kingdom Life Christian Cathedral and as the CEO & President of the Urban League. Michael not only took on the responsibility of revitalizing the troubled Urban League and restoring the community confidence in its integrity, but has also been an inspiring leader in CCV for many years.

Michael has served on the CCV board of Directors since its early years. He was one of the visible leaders of CCV's historic "March for Community Values" in 2000, and has not stopped marching since.

2006 Recipients

Fred Everett accepting the Faith Leader Award for Bishop D'ArcyBishop John D'Arcy is well known for his moral courage as Bishop of the Fort Wayne/South Bend Dioceses of the Catholic Church.

Bishop D'Arcy has long been a friend and supporter of CCV's efforts to protect men, women and children from the devastating effects of pornography and sexual addictions.

He also publicly opposed the vulgarity of the Vagina Monologues and Queer Film Festival at Notre Dame.

When homosexual activists from Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Mary's, Notre Dame, Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute tried to push through a special rights for homosexuals ordinance in South Bend earlier this year, Bishop D'Arcy was one of the first faith leaders and civil rights leaders to lovingly and publicly oppose it's passage.

In spite of Mayor Luecke's unusually strong lobbying on behalf of the homosexual measure, citizens prevailed in a 5 to 4 victory at the South Bend Common Council in July.

For his courageous and uncompromising leadership on behalf of sexual purity in the community and on the campuses we gratefully acknowledge Bishop John D'Arcy with the CCV Faith Leader of the Year Award.

2007 Recipients

2007 CCV Faith Leader of the Year - Pastor JenkinsOur region is blessed to have so many great faith leaders. Recently, the congregation that Dr. David Jenkins pastors celebrated 100 years of service to the Michiana community. Pastor Jenkins is no stranger to service. He has served on the Board of Citizens for Community Values almost since it was founded. He has also served on the Board as Co-Chair of the CCV Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP) Task Force and stood up to lovingly oppose the homosexual agenda through the Task Force. He is a statesman among Pastors and has also openly voice his counsel when called upon to do so in public hearings. He is also an expert church planter in the formerly communist-controlled mission fields of eastern Europe. He was also one of those who saw the dangers of organized gambling coming to the state and skillfully organized vigilant opposition to it on behalf of citizens all across our state. In recognition of Dr. Jenkinsí excellent representation of the profamily interests of all Hoosiers, and for his faithful service to Citizens for Community Values of Indiana, we are pleased to name him the 2007 CCV Faith Leader of the Year.

Our Mission
Protect men, women and children from the misinformation of sexual activists, and the harms of sexual addictions, sexual predators, sexually oriented businesses, materials harmful to minors, broadcast indecency, and the porn/sex industry in all of its forms, by promoting the principles of the Judeo/Christian ethic which is the foundation of our nation.
Our Vision Empower concerned citizens and community leaders to significantly reduce sexual exploitation, sexual promiscuity and sexual abuse in Indiana and beyond by:
  • Increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of pornography-inspired sexual promiscuity, addiction, and abuse particularly in the lives of children.
  • Supporting the enactment, defense and enforcement, within the Constitution, of limitations on the porn /sex industry in all of its forms.
  • Lovingly opposing the legitimacy of all extramarital sexual relationships.
  • Faithfully supporting the traditional family based on the premise that marriage equals one man and one woman.
  • Offering assistance to people suffering from the results of sexual addiction, sexual confusion, sexual promiscuity, and sexual abuse.

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