Citizens for Community Values of Indiana

CCV Hall of Fame: Volunteer of the Year Award Ricipients

The CCV Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to the volunteer who most embodies the spirit of generosity and servant leadership.

2005 Recipients

'05 CCV of Indiana Volunteer of the Year - Ellen StanleyEllen Stanley is the servant leader of the Michiana Prayer Network and regularly meets with community leaders throughout Michiana to pray with them and for them.

Ellen initiated a special Intercessory Prayer Meeting for the work and leadership of CCV that has met on almost every Friday morning for several years.

Through Ellen's generous gift of hours of her life every week CCV has had an abundant source of encouragement and inspiration that has become a vital support for CCV's work and leaders. Ellen and her husband Gerald also sponsored key support staffing for CCV when in difficult times she saw CCV leaders overburdened with responsibilities.

Her gentle yet irrepressible servant leadership, joyfulness and compassionate generosity make her this inaugural year's CCV Volunteer of the Year Award recipient.

2006 Recipients

'06 CCV of Indiana Volunteer of the Year - Tom UebbingTom Uebbing is best known for his insightful articles published in Today's Catholic and for his determined efforts to help create a culture of life.

Tom is being recognized by CCV for his devotion and faithfulness as a member of the CCV Intercessory Prayer Team. His tireless Op/Ed writing on behalf of both CCV and NoSpecialRights.Net has made him one of the key voices of our movement. In addition to caring for his wife Marian and their 6 children, Tom graciously gives quality time to CCV leaders almost every week. We are pleased to recognize him with the CCV Volunteer of the Year Award.

2007 Recipients

2007 CCV Volunteer of the Year - Harold Meeks with wife Joan at his sideAs an octogenarian, Harold Meeks is more active than many of our friends half his age. With great devotion and faithfulness, he is present almost every Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. to join with other CCV intercessory prayer volunteers year round to ask God for His grace and to thank God for His favor on behalf of CCV efforts. When someone is needed to spend hours calling CCV supporters to alert them, Harold is the first to volunteer. As a former City Councilman from Crown Point, Harold has helped profamily candidates from both parties on Election Day. He has also served other profamily causes like Right to Life for years. For his sacrificial service to the profamily cause and passionate desire to honor God in all he does, we are pleased to honor Harold with the 2007 CCV Volunteer of the Year Award.

Our Mission
Protect men, women and children from the misinformation of sexual activists, and the harms of sexual addictions, sexual predators, sexually oriented businesses, materials harmful to minors, broadcast indecency, and the porn/sex industry in all of its forms, by promoting the principles of the Judeo/Christian ethic which is the foundation of our nation.
Our Vision Empower concerned citizens and community leaders to significantly reduce sexual exploitation, sexual promiscuity and sexual abuse in Indiana and beyond by:
  • Increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of pornography-inspired sexual promiscuity, addiction, and abuse particularly in the lives of children.
  • Supporting the enactment, defense and enforcement, within the Constitution, of limitations on the porn /sex industry in all of its forms.
  • Lovingly opposing the legitimacy of all extramarital sexual relationships.
  • Faithfully supporting the traditional family based on the premise that marriage equals one man and one woman.
  • Offering assistance to people suffering from the results of sexual addiction, sexual confusion, sexual promiscuity, and sexual abuse.

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